Inside of Me

by Judy on October 22, 2013

When did I stop singing my song?

Momma and Papa, I’ve been away too long
Where did I, when did I stop singing my song

The creation of this song, “Inside of Me”, was the outpouring of an awakening process. This led me through memories and feelings to the pure language of the soul. It began during a workshop I attended in the early 1990s. I learned that the easiest way to access The Light that I AM is to be true to what I feel in each moment. By going within instead of burying my insecurities by eating when I was not physically hungry (and I’m not talking carrot sticks), I reached a depth of power and freedom that I had never before dared to express. The deep cleansing that I experienced there ignited a passion in me to not only use my gifts in new and expanded ways, but help others as well. These intense, but transforming sessions were the beginning of my song writing and the foundation of the work that I do today – “Inspiring You to Find the Power of your True Voice – the Real YOU.”

(Listen to the song clip – Inside of Me)

The workshop setting was idyllic. There we were in Hawaii, surrounded by the heady fragrance of plumeria and accompanied with the music of ocean waves gently lapping on the shoreline.

Photo by Kinga Biro

Photo by Kinga Biro

Seventy students representing several countries had gathered there for one common goal. We had pledged our willingness to face our fears and remove the blocks which were preventing us from living our fullness. We also knew that we were each others mirrors. If we could achieve unconditional love and acceptance with this wonderfully talented motley group, there would be hope for the world! Of course, it was self-love that we most needed to embrace.

Reflecting back at you in the form, feelings and actions of another, you meet yourself, with all your highs and lows, your joy and your despair, your fears and your compassion, your laughter and your tears.”

I remember exactly where I was in the workshop when the process began. The lyrics for Inside of Me were only gossamer threads, not yet manifested into words; but the feeling was there. A friend of mine sitting directly in front of me was learning to embrace all the little children inside of her whom she had abandoned: the child who was frightened, ashamed, sad, lonely, lost, wandering, needing to be seen and deeply longing to take back her power. Along side was the child who was curious, mischievous, bubbly and playful and above all – innocent. I went deep within as well. The two of us joined beyond time and space where ancient memories reawakened the remembrance of Home.

Soon after I returned to Canada, I was compelled to sit at the piano. Additional words of the song were given to me.

When did I stop singing my song?

When did I stop singing my song?

Momma and Papa, I’ve been away too long
Where did I, when did I stop singing my song
All the little children inside of me
Are crying, and trying so much to be free

Mommy and Daddy, if I were small again
I’d always remember, you loved me, and then
I’d live my life feeling all that I can
I wouldn’t hide what’s inside of me

Then it stopped. I waited … nothing. I knew why the rest of the song wasn’t coming. I needed to go deep inside myself again and feel the feelings, but I wasn’t ready. So, I let it go and trusted that Spirit would guide me with perfect synchronicity. One morning, a few weeks later, all the little children were calling on me to give them attention. It was time. I surrendered to the process and allowed myself to be present. I wrapped them all in my heart with tenderness and so much love, vowing never again to abandon my Self. Then I felt as if a welcoming hand led me to the piano. More lyrics for Inside of Me flowed effortlessly.

81cf58_f91238589ea8ee067bb4957d885e6dbe.jpg_srz_205_300_75_22_0.50_1.20_0[1]Oh Father, Oh Mother
Let me be a child again
Hold me in your arms again and let me cry

Mama and Papa, cradle me awhile
And let me remember the love in your smile
All the secret longings inside of me
Are haunting me, wanting so much just to Be

Inside of Me became the title for the whole CD; songs which take you by the hand and let you know that you are worthy, beautiful and innocent. They lead you to the child within, open your heart and accompany you through the sunlight and rain of your humanness.

At first, I put a piano background accompaniment on a cassette tape (remember those?). I carried the tape recorder around with me and sang Inside of Me to people that I sensed needed the healing experience of opening their hearts. Then I began singing this song for groups, including a gathering at a Synergy Breakfast meeting in Calgary at La Caille on the Bow, hosted by my friend, Susan Letourneau. Everyone was gathered around in a semi-circle, some sitting on chairs and others on the floor. As I sang and shared with the group, I will never forget the look on their faces as we joined in our intention to unconditionally love ourselves first while always supporting each other.

We have always been beautiful and innocent

We have always been beautiful and innocent

Yes, we have always been beautiful (even in the morning). Paying attention to our deepest feelings can lead us directly to Spirits call, the realm where we are all connected. When we stop hiding what’s inside of us, we will discover that we are not so different after all. In every Now Moment, we have the free will to choose Love. Let’s help each other to remember this.

You are beautiful.
You are worthy.
You are appreciated.

My deepest wish is that my work will inspire you to nurture all the little children within you and listen to your inner knowing in the deepest recesses of your being. After all, you were born with Royal Dignity. May you always know the extraordinary being that You Are – the Real YOU.”

Mommy and Daddy, I’m comin’ home again
The child that’s inside me has still always been
A beautiful child, feeling everything
I’m not gonna hide what’s inside of me
Just watch me smile
‘Cause I’m lovin’ me





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© Judy Armstrong 2013

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Elizabeth Clark October 24, 2013 at 11:32 pm

Judy, that is lovely that you would share your awakening with us. Our deepest feelings do guide us to spirit, and we are all beautifully connected.

Love when we acknowledge the extraordinary being that we are and that we are meant to be.


Judy October 25, 2013 at 2:26 am

Thanks so much for your comment Elizabeth. Yes it’s true, our deep feelings lead us to Spirit when we pay attention. You have certainly inspired me today. Looking forward to meeting you in person! Judy


Jerry Boyd October 26, 2013 at 1:54 am

I’m touched by your words and the synchronicity of what is now bubbling up in me. There’s a reason I’m delving into family photos right now. I’ve never felt more lovingly connected to all of them and all of us. Thank you, humbly and deeply, for sharing this.


Judy October 26, 2013 at 4:27 am

Thanks for your comment Jerry. Yes, I noticed that you have been immersed in family photos. It is my joy to share the story behind “Inside of Me”. The message is for all of us. Love and blessings, Judy


Jerry Boyd October 28, 2013 at 5:20 pm

Having more spontaneous connections so I thought I would create one of my own just for my mother and father. I just shared your song with them. That’s ‘our song’ now. That feels so good to remember what truly is and always was and always will be with our parents. Much love and many blessings to you, Judy.


Judy October 28, 2013 at 6:50 pm

Hi Jerry, it truly touches my heart that you would share “Inside of Me” with your mom and dad. Give them hugs for me.
Many blessings to you too,


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