Hangin’ Out in Easy Land

by Judy on October 29, 2013

Hangin' Out in Easy Land

Hangin’ Out in Easy Land

“I’m hangin’ out in easy land
I’m lettin’ my consciousness expand
I’m knowin’ Spirit’s holdin’ my hand, Oh yeah,
I’m gonna hang out my shingle
I’m hangin’ out in easy land”

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I wrote this song while walking in the field, twirling, swaying, swinging my arms, skipping, singing and smiling with that inner chuckle of knowing that all is well. Actually, it wrote itself as a natural outpouring of pure ease and joy following a week of attempting to control and ‘make’ things happen. This role of ‘pretending-to-be-master-of-the-universe’ is so exhausting really. Whenever I choose to let go, pieces of puzzles slip into place without effort. Yes, I have done lots of personal research in trying too hard. Been there, done that … When I retreat into brief ‘forgetting-to-surrender-to-Spirit’ phases, I now recognize these old habit patterns quicker. So, instead of chastising myself, I say, “Thank you for the experience” – then breathe, shift my thinking and move on. Now I actually feel younger than I did 10 years ago!

A wise teacher once told me that Masters play. They are living so completely at One with Spirit that they set their intention, let go, trust and know that everything is already being provided in perfect timing. Then, with no resistance, they go about enjoying life as they respond to the gifts of each moment. Something deep inside me resonates with this wisdom. However, my ‘practical’ side thinks this sounds too good to be true. I say to myself, “Easy for you maybe, but I have to earn a living here …” However, in Green River, Ontario, I met a woman called Ann Hughes who has mastered the art of dancing through life with ease.

“I’m hangin’ out and lettin’ go
I’m lettin’ my abundance overflow
I’m knowin’ Spirit’s holdin’ my hand, Oh Yeah,
I’m gonna hang out my shingle
I’m hangin’ out in easy land”

Easy land man lying in green grass

Hangin’ Out and Lettin’ Go

I will always remember the first time I saw Ann. Along with several other presenters, I was invited to sing at a City of Light Celebration in Green River, just east of Markham, Ontario. We all stayed at Heartland, the beautiful home of Diana Mathews in Prince Albert, ON. Our ‘master woman’ had flown in from California and arrived late in the evening just the day before the beginning of the event. She was carrying one very tiny suitcase. I, on the other hand, had traveled from Alberta with a plethora of paraphernalia (my pillow, too many clothes, umbrella, shoes to match outfits, display material for selling my CD’s, energy bars … and on and on and on … Without saying a word, Ann’s first lesson to me was trust and simplicity.

Ann has no business card, website, Twitter or Facebook account and yet she continues to profoundly influence people around the world. I have no idea how old she is – probably a senior by earth standards and yet she doesn’t look or act over 50. She honors the Beloved in all and lives with complete spontaneity. It was my great joy to sing for her on several occasions.

I could hardly wait to hear Ann speak at the Celebration the next day. In my minds eye, I can still see her entering the tent after Diana announced her. Though she was tiny in stature, she had enormous energy and we felt humbled in her presence. Attired in a simple floor length purple dress with one amethyst necklace over her heart chakra, she sat in a chair in front of us. She was silent for a few moments and then, without notes or preparation, her Voice spoke to us, boring into our souls as if she already knew our deepest Selves. I remember promising myself, “With Spirit as my guide and using my own unique gifts, I am willing to live with ease, joy and freedom. This feeling was the essence of the lyrics and melody to Hangin’ Out in Easy Land.

Easy Land signIt can be effortless to be in ‘easy land’ when life is running smoothly. But tests can come unexpectedly when we experience financial stress, upheaval, or heartbreak. How then can we flow, move and meditate through the middle of the muddle? The only way to ‘hang out in easy land’ is to live wholly and completely Right Here, Right NOW.

“Easy does it I say
The old ways I’ve outgrown
Easy does it today
For my heart says that I’ve always known”

Some people face huge challenges in their lives, feeling as if the cards are stacked against them. And yet, many emerge triumphant as they transform their traumas into their strength. One of my favorite passages from Emanuel is: “Your true identity is awaiting you beyond effort. The key is to remind the Self not to be afraid of anything anywhere, anytime, ever. Can a shadow on the wall hurt you? Death cannot kill You. Pain cannot hurt You. Years cannot age You. Welcome Home.”

When you know that everything is perfect the way it is, the fun begins. Then with complete conviction, you can smile, speak and sing …

“I’m gonna hang out my shingle, I’m Hangin’ Out in Easy Land!”

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