Beloved Child

by Judy on December 3, 2013

Me with my beloved Wendy

Me with my beloved Wendy

I looked deeply into her blue eyes. We both knew she would not be here on the earth much longer. It was 1996 and I had known Wendy since 1965. She was 92 years young, an English medium, and oh, what an incredible and unbelievable life she had lived. I had traveled to Vancouver, BC to have one last visit with her. Wendy’s story is a book in itself and I will tell it one day. But this memory is forefront in my mind now.

Of all the songs I have written, ‘Beloved Child‘ was Wendy’s favorite. She had a continuous-playing cassette tape recorder (remember those?) and would play my recording, ‘INSIDE Of ME’ all day long, always being sure to rewind and play again the song she loved best.

Beloved child, rest a little while and hear me
Beloved child, rest a little while, be near me
It’s all right to let the tears fall
You can rest in my arms for awhile

Before I continue, I would love you to listen to this song clip of Beloved Child.

Wendy married Tink and me in her sanctuary

Wendy married Tink and me in her home sanctuary

Two years after I met Wendy, she married Tink and me in the cozy sanctuary in her home. She also gave a blessing ceremony when our son, Dan, was born. Wendy was our beloved friend, mentor and spiritual adviser, and I felt as if I had known her forever.

Wendy gave a Blessing Ceremony for our son, Dan

Wendy gave a Blessing Ceremony for our son, Dan

Wendy and I always laughed about the first time Tink brought me to meet her. Earlier that same evening, Tink and I had attended an event at the Vancouver Playhouse. In the style of the 1960s, I had piled my hair higher than usual. By the time we arrived at Wendy’s, the weight of the hair pieces was giving me a headache. I was beyond excited to finally meet her. She lived in a home high up on a hill overlooking Spanish Banks with a magnificent view of the mountains. She was waiting for us on the front porch and I fell into her warm embrace. My life forever changed that night.

I arrived at Wendy's with 3 hairpieces on top of my head.

I arrived at Wendy’s with 3 hairpieces on top of my head.

We sat down for tea and suddenly I just had to change into a blouse and take my hair down. Wendy watched with great amusement as I took off all 3 hair pieces one at a time, along with at least 100 bobby-pins. Finally I undid the elastic which was holding my long hair in a knot on top of my head. Presto! Headache gone.

I was so relieved to let me hair down at Wendy's

I was so relieved to let my hair down at Wendy’s

I was bursting with questions. True to my youth at the time, I wanted to know all the answers at once. I asked her … “What is a medium? Can I do what you do Wendy? What am I meant to do on this earth? Have Tink and I been together before?”

Wendy smiled with that knowing look of hers. She knew that her Spirit Guides (she referred to them as ‘Topside’) wouldn’t give strong meat to a babe, so ‘they’ gave me a message that I would be able to understand at the time. Wendy was still for a moment and then spoke directly to my soul. The energy in the room heightened, as if I were being lovingly bathed in Light. Here is what I remember of what was said that magical night …

Beloved child, you are a beautiful daughter of Divine Love
and have All the attributes of the FatherMother God.
Always remember your True Worth and know that the very answers you seek
are within your own I AM.
You have Free Will and Personal Responsibility,
so it is not for Us to direct your path.
We will advise and guide, but it is up to you
to listen to your I AM to follow your destiny.

Wendy chose to be a medium in this earth life.
This art was deemed necessary for a period of time on your earth
because some people have difficulty understanding
what they cannot prove or see with their physical eyes.
One way for some to open their awareness to more possibilities
and also to know that their loved ones who have passed on are well and happy,
is to receive guidance from a medium.

No, you will not be a medium exactly like Wendy.
You have your own path. Your intuitive abilities will blossom
in ways that you little dream of today dear one.
Mediumship is not restricted to only a few.
Everyone has the ability to channel with true Soul Vision.
When people come to understand that the only way out is within,
they will raise their consciousness and know
that ‘seeing’ multi-dimensions is very natural.

Dearest one, your purpose is to ‘BE LOVE’,
be Present in each moment and remember your Inner Knowing.
Let your life unfold naturally.

You need to grow your wings before you can fly.

Yes, you and your beloved Tink have been together many times,
playing different roles.
However, in Spirit, we don’t have past, present and future as you think of it.
In truth, everything is held in the embrace of the Eternal Now.
Be patient beloved, and you will come to know what you are called to remember.
Visualize yourself surrounded in Light and know that all is well.
If you need us, all you have to do is ask. We are forever with you.
We love you both so very much. Thy Will Be Done.
And So It Is

Now 31 years later, I look at my dearest Wendy and wonder how the time seemed to pass so quickly. We fill our few days visit together with much laughter, ‘remember-when’ moments, popcorn, foot rubs and basking in the joy of just being together. Wendy tells me that her tape recorder is broken and she really misses listening to me sing ‘Beloved Child’.

Wendy would listen to my songs on her old tape recorder

Wendy would listen to my songs on her old tape recorder

I come up with the bright idea to buy her a new one so she can play my song when I leave. Wendy hands me some cash and off I go on a busy Friday night to shop. Finding the right recorder takes much longer than I expect. Wendy is too tired to learn how to work the new recorder when I return. My flight leaves early the next morning. Wendy insists on coming along when our mutual friend, Donna, drives me to the airport.

A week later when I am facilitating a workshop in the Okanagan area of BC, the call comes. Tink phones to say that our beloved Wendy has passed into Spirit. I had heard people say that, for the ones left behind, there is always regret or guilt – with feelings like, “if only I had told them”, or “I wish I would have”. Previously I had decided that I would never have those thoughts. Besides, Wendy had taught us well. We were beloved children, sons, daughters of the Divine. Life is ongoing. Wendy had second sight, could read auras and actually ‘see’ people in different dimensions. I can also sense this, not so much with my physical eyes, but rather, feeling their presence. For me, it begins with tingling at the back of my neck which always indicates to me that ‘Topside’ is with me. No matter what I am doing at the time, I stop, close my eyes and listen for inner direction.

So many cherished memories of times spent with Wendy come flooding into my mind. After I hang up the phone, I send Wendy a blessing. I tell her that I will do my very best to embody everything she taught me, to live and love in each moment. Since I know that she is happy and free with ‘Topside’, why then do I feel burdened in my heart? All I can think of is this, “Why oh why didn’t I just sing ‘Beloved Child’ to Wendy instead of charging around shopping for a recorder so she could listen to the song after I left?”

Deanie helped me 'remember'

Deanie helped me ‘remember’

This is weighing heavily on my mind when I visit my friend, Deanie, in Kelowna a few days later. Deanie listens with great compassion and then tells me the story of her deepest regret when Glen, one of her 3 sons, was killed in a plane crash.

Glen always used to love his mom’s baking.
One Thanksgiving, when he was about 6 years old,
he asked Deanie if he could have a taste
of the big pumpkin pie that she had made for desert.
They were expecting company to join them for dinner.
Deanie wouldn’t give him any then, but told him
he could have some pie when desert was served after their meal.
Then years later when Glen was killed,
all Deanie could think about was,
“Why didn’t I just give him some pumpkin pie when he asked for it?”

Deanie and I are kindred sisters. She reminds me what I already know – that Wendy will always be with me, that she has only changed dimensions. Life is ongoing, even though, from our perspective, it changes form. Deanie then offers me a precious gift and says, “Judy, why don’t you sing the song for Wendy now?”

And so I sit with Deanie – she on one side of the couch, I on the other, our legs stretched out on the sofa, feet touching. We open our hearts to Wendy, Glen and all others, incarnate and discarnate, who need healing. I look into Deanie’s eyes and we become ONE. Walls disappear, time is suspended, worlds beyond worlds merge. The room fills with pulsing light, my whole body begins to tingle, my solar plexus begins to vibrate. As I Remember Home, I sense that I will be ‘sung through’. I feel Wendy’s presence and she has a twinkle in her eyes. She tells me that all is well. I breathe and sing from the depths of my soul …

Beloved child, rest a little while and hear me
Beloved child, rest a little while, be near me
It’s all right to let the tears fall
You can rest in my arms for awhile

Beloved child, where do you think you’re going
My lovely child, go into the silence, knowing
That you are all that I AM, my love
Take me in to your heart from above

In your dream you thought I had gone away
But I AM Here forever

Beloved child, you are only Love expressing
My lovely child, do you know your life’s a blessing
Breathe me in to your soul, my lamb,
You already know Who I AM

 In your dream, you thought I had gone away
But I AM Here forever

Beloved child, rest a little while and hear me
Beloved child, rest a little while, be near me
In this lifetime you will reach your star
You already know Who You Are

Our Wendy loved making English truffle

Our Wendy making English truffle






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Carolyn Cooledge December 3, 2013 at 6:58 pm

This was a beautiful blog written by one of the most beautiful (inside & out) people I have ever met. Judy I had tears in my eyes as I read this. Love you bunches.


Judy December 4, 2013 at 7:17 pm

Hi Carolyn, yes I had tears in my eyes too when I was recalling all these wonderful memories. Thanks for reading my blog. Love you bunches too, Judy


Jerry Boyd December 3, 2013 at 7:13 pm

This story in particular matches the beauty of the song that Wendy inspired. All my dear ones are soul family and you’ve given me another song to sing to them. Boundless gratitude wells up inside me for you and your music. Namaste. Shine on.


Judy December 4, 2013 at 7:18 pm

Dear Jerry, it touches me deeply that you have taken “Beloved Child” into your heart. Thank you so much.
In gratitude,


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