One With God’s Voice

by Judy on December 17, 2013

flower bouquetThe world needs a poem, the world needs a song, as it cries in the night from its pain. The world needs the knowledge, that we are all One.” This profound wisdom is the beginning of a poem that was penned by my husband, Tink Robinson. He wrote it as a present for me on Dec. 21, 1984. This was also the birthday of his Dad who passed into Spirit in 1970.

As we again approach the winter solstice, this poem and its ageless message touches me deeply and reminds me of the Oneness of All Life. During the busyness of the festive season, may you find moments of quiet, tenderness and wonder as you open to the pure gifts of the heart. Tink and I are wrapping you all in our thoughts.

ONE WITH GOD’S VOICEarms outstreched
by Tink Robinson

“The world needs a poem, the world needs a song
as it cries in the night from its pain
The world needs the knowledge, that we are all One
Yet the roar of the crowd is profane

The world sees the outer, the turmoil and strife
Good news is the worst of the day
Its children are starving, the land has gone dry
like the dust, hope is blowing away

But the wind can blow softly, or shriek in a gale
and its quarter is of its own mind
It’s not good or bad, the wind is the wind
What we wish to name it, we find

What we wish to think, what we wish to do
What we wish, is what we will see
What we wish the world, our bosom of life
is what wishes will cause it to be

So think of a song that sings from the heart
A song that is simple and sweet
A song that will grow, as others join in
A Love Song whose words are complete

And sing it aloud, share its wondrous refrain
‘neath the stars through the long lonely night
So that all who are crying, will cease their lament
and know Hope, in the glow of dawns light

7917293_mFor where there was darkness, no shadows remain
How can they, as sunshine flows in
And where there is Love, how can there be hate
Love erases the error of sin
An error, no matter how small or how large
is in fact an error, that’s true
But when we forgive the errors we’ve made
We can laugh and start living anew

For laughter and love, are what songs are for
to help us remember our way
The pathways of Life are ours as we choose
We are as we think every day

So write me a poem, or sing me a song
I need it to help me to know
The song that you sing is singing in me
As One we will sing it and grow

As One we will sing it and share its delights
for sharing and love is our choice
‘Till we are all singing the praises of Love
Singing as ONE with God’s Voice”

I AM Here by Tink Robinson



by Tink Robinson
from his book, I AM Here
© 2002 Tink Robinson


Best Wishes for the Season! With love, Tink and Judy

Best Wishes for the Season! With love, Tink and Judy

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© Judy Armstrong 2013


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Gay Forstbauer December 18, 2013 at 7:05 pm

Lovely. Both such talented and positive people. Love from out abode to yours. May your season be filled with light and love. Gay And Henry


Carolyn Cooledge January 4, 2014 at 11:15 pm

Judy your blogs are always so uplifting.They come when I need them most. I’m so blessed by your friendship. I love you & Tink dearly.


Kinga Biro January 5, 2014 at 3:16 am

What a heartfelt message in Tink’s poem, setting a potent clear tone for the days ahead as we head into a brand new year with joy and anticipation…I’ve always seen the cup as half full rather than half empty, actually totally full most of the time, and love sharing that positive energy with my world…sending you lots of love and best wishes for 2014…may your cup always be full…xoxo


Terry French January 5, 2014 at 3:56 pm

Judy & Tink,
Thank you for this newsletter. I listened to the song and really liked it. The poem is also very nice. You are both so very creative and so full of inspiration and love. Carol and I wish you both a wonderful 2014. We hope to see you when we come up to Nanton this year. When we get more information about the time, we’ll send it to you.


Judy January 13, 2014 at 6:06 am

Hi Terry, loved hearing from you and thanks for commenting. Tink has been writing me poems since we first met. I think you have his book, I AM Here, don’t you? Let us know when you’re traveling this way. Would be wonderful to see you both.


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