The Power of Your Voice – the Real YOU

by Judy on October 1, 2013

Within you is a voice so pure, so resonant and so in tune that when you are willing to breathe into the moment and open the full spectrum of your sound, you can experience a connectedness to All That Is.

Your Voice has power

Your Voice has power

When you are totally at One with your voice, all your energy centers (called chakras in Eastern philosophies) are open from the base of your spine to your crown.

Expanding the speaking and singing voice, creating and recording music, and helping others develop and express their innate gifts is my passion. Everyone has a story to tell but most often is afraid to vocalize it. It is my deepest wish that my work will inspire you to discover your own unique sound or note, the extraordinary being that you are – the Voice within you.

There are 5 Key Skills that helped me find my voice. After years of experience, I now teach these to others.


1. To support your voice on Breath – how to take your voice for a ride on your air. This is the absolute first step and the foundation of all voice work. Lack of breath support affecting purity of tone is like a wind instrument without air. The extent to which you block the expression and uniqueness of your voice reflects the degree to which you hold your breath, inhibit your vocal clarity and restrict your ability to convey your thoughts.

2. To place your Voice in your own built-in resonance cavities. When you perfect this, you will be able project your voice with ease and be heard whether speaking loudly or softly (even without a microphone). Even the softest tone can be heard through walls.

3. To increase your range, using your voice to its full capacity – breadth, depth, variety, warmth, modulation, pitch and tone quality – how to relax and play with your sound

4. To use proper diction – how to launch and end your words with voiced consonants, paint word pictures, bring your stories to life, project feelings through your voice while conveying the intent and meaning of words

5. Delivery and performance techniques, confidence, poise, structure, timing, centering

After learning all the fundamentals, the cherry on top of the icing is just to simply become your Voice and just Be. People will always remember how you made them feel.

These five keys have been the foundation of my work with the Power of Voice. Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the interconnection of sound, voice, music and color. I began piano lessons at 5 years old and speaking lessons at 8 years with my Grandmother (who would not allow me to say ‘um’ or ‘ah’). At 13 years, I began singing lessons with Eileen Higgin and after graduating from high school, I was accepted at the National Theater School on Canada Council Scholarship. As drama students, we were blessed with two of the most highly respected voice teachers in the world: Eleanor Stuart (Voice Coach of Christopher Plummer) and Bernard Diamant (Speech Teacher of August Schellenberg and Singing Teacher for Maureen Forrester).

Eleanor Stuart, Voice Teacher extraordinaire!

Eleanor Stuart, Voice Teacher extraordinaire!

At NTS, Eleanor Stuart would often have us repeat a word or line for a half hour if necessary, until she coaxed every nuance of sound, pronunciation, meaning and feeling from us. Then when she would have us put the whole piece or talk together, the result was pure magic. From Eleanor, we also learned how to activate the head and chest resonances (for the speaking voice). To this day, I still use her diction exercises for myself and my clients.

I was so fortunate to have Bernard Diamant to teach me at the Theater School (for speaking) and also give me private singing lessons. As actors, we learned specific breathing exercises which helped us sustain our breath for long periods of time. He also taught us how to place our voices with a hum in the middle resonance cavities. We would practice this for hours on end. When you experience a whole room full of students humming at the exact same pitch, all of us centering our voices exactly in the ‘resonance spot’, the windows vibrate! Even the quietest note will penetrate through walls. My clients are amazed at the omnipresence of the sound. They often tell me that the tone seems to be coming from everywhere in the room, rather than just from me.

Bernard Diamant

Bernard Diamant

I will always remember the first time I heard the resonant sound expand out to my temples. It felt as if a microphone had turned on inside my head. The tone, supported on breath, expanded without effort. When I learned to resonate high notes in the crown chakra, I made his dogs howl (literally). Bernard had two dachshunds which slept under the grand piano. When I opened the head tones fully (softly or loudly), the sound was so pure that the dogs would climb out from their beds, put their noses up in the air and gently howl! They were always my barometer to let me know I had attuned my voice perfectly.

Even though I was studying to be an actor and performer at the Theater School, I knew that there was some other career waiting for me. My complete immersion into the world of sound has evolved into the work that I do today – harmonizing the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of the whole person. Since singing and speaking has always come naturally for me, I was not aware at first that some people have a huge fear of using their voice. I have worked with people who, because of traumatic experiences, found that being invisible was necessary for their survival. Finally, they could be silent no longer as their soul was compelling them to speak their truth. Even phoning me for an appointment takes great courage. Everyone has a different reason for doing voice work. Speakers, especially, need to study voice since that is their tool of communication in their profession. If speakers are on stage and the sound system quits, they have to be able to project their voice and be heard without a microphone.

I have also taught many people who want to sing, but believe that they can’t. Often they have been ridiculed or told that they have an awful voice. Then they think this is true about themselves and go through their lifetime with this block.

Doreen Darby now sings with a choir on Vancouver Island

Doreen Darby now sings with a choir on Vancouver Island

Several years ago, Doreen Darby came to me because she wanted to sing Happy Birthday to her 32-year-old son. Up until then, she had only mouthed the words. At first she didn’t have confidence that she could even carry a tune. Of course I knew differently, so I created listening exercises specifically for her. After a few months, her voice expanded to over 2 octaves and her resonance was absolutely beautiful. Doreen also discovered that she was a gifted creative writer, so I would have her make up the lyrics to melodies I wrote for her. Eventually, she not only sang for her son, but she joined a choir. I was thrilled to bring her flowers when she had her choir concert at the Jack Singer Theater in Calgary, Alberta.

Brenda Forsey

Brenda Forsey

A very talented woman, Brenda Forsey, came to me for lessons because she intuitively knew that I was the one to help her. It turned out that she came to me for life counseling. During our time together, I helped her move through the blocks which were stopping her from fully stepping into her power. After she worked with me, she found her voice in her healing work. Brenda uses her multi-faceted gifts as an intuitive life coach, healer, music teacher, artist, writer and photographer.

In Toronto, I worked with children with developmental disabilities. One little girl there completely captured my heart. When I arrived, she would grab my hand and excitedly pull me over to the piano bench. She could hardly wait for the rhythm and songs to begin. This dear soul didn’t speak but could sing sounds in perfect tune on any pitch.

Robyn Ford

Robyn Ford

In California, I coached a 16-year-old girl, Robyn Ford, who was born with cerebral palsy. When Robyn was born, the diagnosis from the doctors was that she would never walk. However her mother, Ellie, who studied and taught many alternate healing modalities including Reiki, Shiatsu and Tai Chi, knew differently. Not only did Robyn learn to walk, she graduated from high school and walked the long aisle to the stage to accept her diploma. Although she never talked, except to say ‘I love you’, she eagerly anticipated her lessons with me. Instead of having Robyn sing to my pitch, I copied hers. When I heard her squeal with delight, I would have her stop in the middle of this and hold a note. Then I would match her sound. She was overcome with joy (me too) when we would put our foreheads together while we hummed the same note. By the way, Ellie, at 96 years, still teaches Tai Chi!

While in Aruba, I gave a Leadership workshop for young offenders. These young people astounded me with their enthusiasm and creative ideas when I encouraged them to voice their passion and vision. Recently I helped a talented young teenager prepare for provincial speech/drama competitions. I love seeing young people learning about voice and presentation at such an early age.

The world of Voice and Sound can inspire people of all ages. Learning the dynamics of voice can assist if you are: a professional speaker or would-be speaker * a singer or just a beginner * needing to learn breath support and how to expand the quality, range, dynamics and tone of your voice * interested in learning how to place your voice to tone the universal ohms for meditation * an actor or drama student * wanting assistance to structure and present a keynote * requiring help in stage poise, confidence and performance.

In the past two months, I have had the joy of coaching the wonderfully gifted Sharon Carne to help her structure and present a short introductory talk for her website video clip. Sharon is reaching a global audience by helping people reduce stress and create ease and wellness through Sound Therapy.

Sharon Carne created Sound Wellness

Sharon Carne created Sound Wellness

I am available to guide anyone looking for professional coaching in either speaking or singing. It is my Joy to see people Shine! I will do whatever it takes to lead you to the doorway of your own knowing and will always see the Light in you even if you sometimes forget. Speaking or singing in front of an audience is no different than relating to one person sitting across the table from you. All you do with a bigger crowd is expand your energy. When talking with a small group or speaking on a video, you have the opportunity to share your purpose in an intimate setting.

Remember to Give Voice to the Real You – to something that fills you with passion. Speak and sing from your heart and above all, Be Yourself on and off stage.

It is time to give yourself and others the opportunity to hear Who You Are.

If you would like to learn more about The 5 KEYS, please contact me on my website. I look forward to assisting you to discover the Power of Your Voice – the Real YOU!




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brenda October 2, 2013 at 2:27 am

Judy…i just wanted to say how blessed i am to have worked with are an amazing light, voice, and so much more for this world. Your spirit is powerful..strong, and so beautiful. Your voice, your message, your sharing of your light and wisdom with sooo many is a gift to this world. You helped me to see, hear, and be…in my true voice and your wisdom flows through me everytime i am working with a client, teaching a student, creating art, or taking photo’s….of earths splendour! You have helped me and i am eternally grateful for listening to my inner voice and finding you! Thankyou for everything you have done for me and know how much you mean to me…Tink as well! You were there when i needed a helping hand, an understanding heart…and your love has lifted me up. Thankyou for helping me to spread my wings and fly!!!! Love your music, your messages, and all that you do!

Great hugs to you!!!
Brenda xoxoxo


Judy October 2, 2013 at 2:46 am

Thank you dear Brenda! I am so proud of you. Yes you really are flying now and helping so many people. Thank you for following your intuition and sharing your light with me. Forever grateful for the precious gift of Brenda! Hugs back to you, Judy


Sharon October 2, 2013 at 3:48 am

What a beautiful article, Judy! I have learned so much from you. It is hard to believe the difference in me in such a short time from when I started learning from you! I can hardly wait for each session to see what new gifts in my voice and script that you bring forth from me! I am so grateful for having found you and for your warm and loving friendship.

Big hugs to you, Tink and Maggie!


Judy October 2, 2013 at 5:59 am

Hi Sharon, do you have any idea how you inspire me! I give you an idea and you expand it by miles when I see you next. What a talent you are! Looking forward to our next session.
Hugs to you to from all of us here,


Patricia Morgan October 2, 2013 at 5:21 am

Thank you for your spirit of love and generosity. It has helped many, including me. This is a pragmatic and inspiring blog. I will place a link to it in my next e-newsletter. It is called Your Uplift and that is what you do with your gifted voice, gentle embrace and wise encouraging.


Judy October 2, 2013 at 5:57 am

Oh Patricia, it means so much to me that you not only read this blog, but that you were inspired by it. Thank you in advance for including a link on your next e-newsletter. They are truly Uplifting!


Jerry Boyd October 2, 2013 at 6:58 pm

My nephew will graduate this December from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I’m not exactly sure what his undergraduate degree will be in, but it is something like Vocal Music. He’s very interested in a capella and performs with an a cappella group there called the Spartones. I’m going to be sure he reads this blog because I believe in the power of his voice and I want to, perhaps, expand his horizons.


Judy October 2, 2013 at 8:09 pm

Hi Jerry, how wonderful to hear about your nephew. Please keep me posted on his progress. What fun to perform with an acappella group! Hope he enjoys the blog. And thank you for reading it too Jerry!


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