The Greatest Gift of All

by Judy on June 18, 2014

Judy Armstrong as 'Granny'

Judy Armstrong as ‘Granny’

Ya gotta love yerself even when ya start saggin’, losing yer teeth and growin’ hairs in yer ears. Jest look around – ya ain’t on yer own!” This is one of my favorite sayings by ‘Granny’, a character I often play as part of my workshops, keynotes and stage performances.

You are an incredible human being, whether or not you are chastising yourself or patting yourself on the back, whether you’re in a productive mode or procrastinating, whether you’re in a winter or summer phase of growth, whether you feel the whisperings of creativity, or whether you feel in the depths of despair. You can act out your most outrageous, spontaneous self or your shy, withdrawn self; your scared little person dramas or your most insightful leadership roles. There is really nothing wrong or right here, just a learning experience – nothing to judge – no reason to judge the judging. It just Is. You are the most beloved child of the Universe and it is time to claim your innocence and know that all things are possible.

Have you ever tried to portray a false version of yourself? For instance, you might pretend that you are a super cheery person on a day that your whole world seems upside down; or you might try to impress someone with your scholarly knowledge, while inside, you may be afraid that you don’t know enough; or your main focus may be to attain notoriety to win the approval of your parents or peers; or you may have an unconscious conspiracy to keep yourself little to prove to your loved ones who believe in you, that they are wrong. In truth, what others think of you is not important. Just be honest with yourself.

Granny says to jest be yerself

Granny says to ‘jest be yerself’

Granny would say, “If ya ain’t being’ yerself, ya ain’t bein’ anything!”

In working with people from around the world, I have discovered that we are really much the same inside. We just want to be appreciated and feel completely safe to be ourselves. You don’t ever have to ‘get’ something from the outside to make you more complete. True education is from the ‘within to the without’. You only have to give Who You Are and allow the rhythm of the Universe to breathe through you. As Granny says, “When ya remember t’ pay attention t’ what yer heart is tellin’ ya, you’ll be surprised what ya see!”

We tend to relate our identity with our deeds rather than our beingness. For example, I can call myself a speaker-singer-songwriter-coach and I have letters after my name which may be impressive to some people who place value on credentials. However, to be more truthful, I could say, I AM That I AM and sometimes, I speak or sing or compose, or go for a walk and look at the stars (I don’t do ovens …). But I also express as a mom, wife, sister, aunt, friend or a daughter and my purpose is whatever presents itself in the moment.

We all teach each other

We all teach each other

There is so much more happening than what we see in this third density. As awareness of multidimensionality grows, our sensitivity to energy will expand and we begin to feel the process beyond what people are saying. When I coach someone in voice performance and presentation, it may appear that I am the teacher, but I often feel the roles are reversed. Since all leaders teach what they most need to learn, the pupil arrives when the teacher is ready. We come together to remember Oneness.

Within each moment you can feel and experience the Power, Wisdom and Love of the Universe, and if you are fully awake and available in the Now, you will constantly receive reminders which keep you on track. These reminders can come disguised in all shapes and sizes and you will never have to look past where you are. Remember, that the trill of a bird, a leaf carried by the wind, or even a phone call, can float into your consciousness as a metaphor to give unique meanings to your life.

Granny says, "Ya can do anythin' ya want to"

* Granny would nudge you to chuckle

Granny, with her barnyard humor would nudge you to chuckle and basically “Git up and do a little ditty jest fer the fun of it.” She advises, “You can do anythin’ ya want to – ya jest gotta believe ya can, that’s all! And it’s OK t’ feel yer feelings’. If ya feel excited, that’s OK … if ya feel sad, that’s OK too! If ya feel down and out, jest git up and shout, ‘I’m down and out!’ Feelins’ won’t hurt ya, lessin’ of course, ya put a lid on ‘em. Jest say how ya feel and git on with yer life. There’s bound t’ be a gift a waitin’ fer ya right around the corner. And if it ain’t, jest take another breath, and go try out one of last years catalogues.”

A whole new level of depth and fun is available when you are just Being YOU – free and fulfilled. By saying yes to whatever life brings, including snarled traffic, dripping taps, our angers or hurts and even our sadness, we can give up resisting what is happening. By breathing into the present, accepting and allowing, you can be at One with the core of your being. Yes, it is possible to be at peace in the midst of chaos!

81cf58_0d3d4a74025ecb32aafb25c8c499b2ec.jpg_srz_400_270_75_22_0.50_1.20_0[1]Your life does not have to be a struggle. Attempting to return to old patterns of behavior is like trying to put on a small, old, worn-out overcoat. It simply doesn’t fit. You were meant to play more, to laugh more and to experience Love in every facet of your life. Deep within you dwells the richest treasures, the rainbow colors and music of your life and your purpose for living.

In the quiet of each moment, Trust and Know
that you are Whole and Complete just as you are.
And from this centered place, All is Well.

What is the melody in your soul? What is the song you are longing to express? What talents are wanting to awaken within you? Listen to your hearts wisdom and always remember this ~

The Greatest Gift is You, being Yourself.
And the Greatest Gift of All
Simply “BE-ING!”




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* Third photo of Granny by Sonja-Rae

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Jerry Boyd June 18, 2014 at 6:59 pm

Breathing in your message, your “essential” message, I AM That I AM, and That is All There Is. I am also feeling this Divine Essence, this Lovely Love, in, around and through me. Being me is the thing I do best. We should all remind ourselves of that every day, as you have just done today. Smile, you’re on God’s Candid Camera! Thank you, Love you, Blessed and Beloved, Judy.


Carolyn Cooledge June 19, 2014 at 9:33 pm

I love Granny! She always brings a smile to my face. I love the way she mixes up everyone’s name. Example Stella Rhinestone (Stella Reingold). She liked to go & check out last year’s catelogue. 😀


Judy June 20, 2014 at 5:42 am

Carolyn, we always loved the shows when you were in the audience in your favorite spot! Granny says hi to Carolyn, the Coolest Ledge of all! :)


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