Whiskey Gap Flap

by Judy on November 12, 2013

My Mom would say, "What would the neighbors think!"

Costumes drying in the sun

One of my Mom’s common expressions was, “What will the neighbors think!” These words made me chuckle while I washed and hung all the costumes, bloomers and wigs on the backyard clothesline so they would dry in the bright sunshine. Well my ‘Granny’ character wouldn’t give a you-know-what about what folks say. She just speaks what she thinks, does what she wants  and above all, she sees the fun in absolutely every situation.

Granny and Underarm Tom

Granny and Underarm Tom

I still laugh when I think of all the crazy antics of Granny and her sidekick, Underarm Tom (played by my husband, Tink Robinson). It was 1995 and we had just returned from a successful run of summer shows at the Carriage House Theater in Cardston, AB. What a great experience we had – writing, directing and performing with such talented kids and students. I really think that everyone in that whole town is musical! That year, we called the show, “Whiskey Gap Flap”.

Before I continue, here is a sample of the title song I co-wrote with Tink for the show. (We sang it as our characters, Granny and Underarm Tom.)

To listen to Whiskey Gap Flap, Click Here (Song #3)

As you can tell by listening, the song is pure silliness with a rhythm that beckons you to get up, dance around, let your hair down, jiggle, jump, knock your knees and spontaneously bring out your inner nut.

Everybody’s doing it, “The Whiskey Gap Flap”
Think I’ll start pursuin’ it, “The Whiskey Gap Flap”
Knock yer knees, and wiggle yer fanny
Look out world, hear comes Granny!

Everybody’s singin’ it, “The Whiskey Gap Flap”
Make the rafters ring with it, “The Whiskey Gap Flap”
With yer toes a tappin’, things’ll start to happen,
Doin’ the Whiskey Gap Flap

A side note here … In Canada, wiggling your ‘fanny’ means jiggling your rear end. This is how I wrote it and certainly what I intended. Therefore, I couldn’t understand why an English friend of mine laughed hysterically when she heard the song for the first time. It was cute, but not that funny! Then she informed me that in England, the ‘fanny’ is at the front, not the back! The comical visual of her interpretation made us both double over. ‘Granny’ would laugh at both versions. With her barnyard humor, she would just nudge you to chuckle and basically “git up, do a little ditty and ‘jiggle yer whatcha-ma-call-it’ jest fer the fun of it.”

Whiskey Gap was near the USA border

Whiskey Gap, near the USA border

Whiskey Gap was an actual place with an interesting history. Now a ghost town, Whiskey Gap was one of the main routes near the southern border of Alberta. It is located about 80 kilometers south of Lethbridge on Highway 501. In the 1860s and 1870s, American traders crossed over the border to trade goods and alcohol for furs and buffalo robes. During the Prohibition period in Alberta between 1916-1924, alcohol was smuggled through this area from the United States. Later it flowed in the opposite direction when the Americans declared Prohibition. Although little remains of this once flourishing community, its descriptive name reflects its colorful past and strategic location.

Some original buildings in Whiskey Gap

Some original buildings in Whiskey Gap

In our show, we had a whole stage full of kids singing and dancing Whiskey Gap Flap along with us. Of course with all the children performing, you can imagine how many moms, dads, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins made up the audience. Most shows were sold out and people returned again and again to bring more relatives and friends.

Tink and I love bringing out the ‘kids’ inside the adults. We have had whole audiences bouncing up and down and doing actions to our songs. As I wrote in a previous blog, Granny’s Metaphysicals, the songs we wrote and recorded for ‘KIDS (for all ages)‘ teach universal messages through lively rhythms, catchy tunes and humor. Granny and Underarm Tom sing four of the songs on the CD and Tink and I do the rest. Learning through music and rhythm improves many life skills such as coordination, creativity, cooperation, self-worth and concentration.

KIDS (for all ages) teaches and entertains

KIDS (for all ages) teaches and entertains

Cast (L to R) Alethis Hague Schoor, Tim Ruggles, Judy Armstrong (as Granny), Tink Robinson (as Underarm Tom) Andre Hickin, Kevin Redford (behind, with long arms up in the air) with the children

Cast (L to R) Alethis Hague Schoor, Tim Ruggles, Judy Armstrong (as Granny), Tink Robinson (as Underarm Tom) Andre Hickin, Kevin Redford (behind, with long arms up in the air) with the children

We are so grateful to all the cast and crew at the Carriage House Theater who light up the world with their enthusiasm, talent and pure joy of performing. They leave a song in our hearts and a smile in our memories.

Life can be full of challenges, ups and downs and roundabouts. But through it all, your energy will be lighter when you sprinkle in doses of laughter, nuttiness, belly laughs, dancing, jumping for joy, skipping and, just for the fun of it – ‘wiggling yer fanny’ …

Scott Lehr (who played Father O'Hoolihan) with the emotional children at the closing night party

Scott Lehr (who played Father O’Hoolihan) with the children at the closing night party. They were so sad that the show was over!

“Jiggle around like a bowl full of jelly
Lift yer knees high off the ground
Laugh so hard that it hurts yer belly
Everybody’s gonna want to stick around

Everybody’s prancin’ it
The Whiskey Gap Flap
Singin’ and a dancin’ it
The Whiskey Gap Flap
Keep yer hands a clappin’
and yer thighs a slappin’
Doin’ the Whiskey Gap Flap”




To listen to a clip of our song, “Whiskey Gap Flap” –  CLICK HERE  Or to download a copy of the song for yourself,  GO HERE

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Melissa Ekman November 13, 2013 at 3:25 am

That was so fun to read. What great memories!! That summer was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my childhood. I just fell in-love with acting, singing, and both you and Tink. Now I am teaching music and dance to children and am trying to instill that same love and passion for the arts that you were able to provide for me. You and Tink are the sweetest people.


Judy November 13, 2013 at 5:47 am

Hi Melissa, you have always been so incredibly talented. How wonderful that you are passing that along to children. You have always touched our hearts deeply. We’re both sending much love and lots of hugs to you!


brenda November 23, 2013 at 6:26 pm

Such lovely memories and a delightful story…your lifes journey has to me been full and lots of learning curves…as we move forward and lighten our heart as we remember the great times we had, the wisdom from each challenge that came along. To laugh and perform, feeling the audience loving every thing you are performing..and to just be yourselves in all of it authentically coming from your hearts..wow! It was a pleasure to listen to your Kids CD…i loved every song you both sang and i sing them often…and enjoy the moment each time…Bruce the Moose, The “we are all the same inside” and many other songs…the ” frog named fred”….so many more. When I hear your music Judy it transports me to a place of pure light, love, and compassion…and my heart sings along with you! I love your Whisky Jack Flap song…Your beautiful voice, your music is so magical…..thankyou for the gift of YOU my friend! I know everyone that has ever worked with you has been blessed with your light, love, and generous heart! Tink and You instilled so much joy into my family and i…on our holidays we always made a point to go to Fort Steele to hear your peformances..and to see the humor…what a great day it was. The rest of our day was filled with happy memories as we relived the moment that brought us so much mirth…the highlight to our holidays! Thankyou!! Then to meet you in person..and spend so many wonderful times learning and sharing with you! Beautiful blog post! Full of fun! Have a great day Judy!


Judy November 28, 2013 at 5:45 am

Hi Brenda, we certainly have had fun singing the songs together haven’t we? Please remember that you are a gift to me too!


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